Although hunting dogs by instinct SALUKIS are valued as much for their companionable 	qualities as for sport. They are excellent house dogs, entirely without odor, and very clean in their habits. Their bark is deep and melodious, quick to give warning when strangers approach, but not given to unnecessary noise and never aggressive. They are trustworthy and gentle with children. Though slow to make friends with strangers, their dignity and aloofness to all outside their own family is one of their greatest charms. Their intelligence is exceptionally high, and they are docile, tractable and most affectionate with their owners.

About us

Owner and Breeder  
Jan Rolston, with recent litter of Barjanoo Salukis in San Diego, CA.
Sire Chubasco Sambooca & Dam Chubasco Toolarosa.

This champion pedigree descends from Canem-Dei, Jen Araby and Chubasco bloodlines. See the link 

Jan Rolston is an award winning watercolor portrait artist, with a special interest in painting dogs.

Featured In
Saluki International
American Saluki Assoc.

Breeding Information
Jan Rolston
Barbara Fischer
P.O. Box 1607
Carlsbad, CA  92108

Other Information

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